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Anyone have a really good recipe for filling for cheese blintzes? I love these, and it's my favorite breakfast with blueberry or strawberry compote and sour cream.

They used to sell some cheese filled crepes at Sam's Club under the Member's Mark brand. These were perfect, but they don't sell them anymore, they has a hint of orange in them. So good, but they discontinued the product, and so now I have to hand roll my own, but I have had a hard time finding a filling that doesn't have too much cottage cheese or isn't too runny. I don't know if I prefer cottage cheese or ricotta in them, but let me know if you think you have a recipe that fits the bill.
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Wow, years ago when crepe pans were all the rage, I made blintzes all the time. But, I sure don't remember the fillings I used. I loved them. Hope you get some good ideas - my old crepe pan is around here somewhere......
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Okay, here's a stupid question. What's the diff between Blintzes and Crepes? One's dessert as opposed to breakfast???

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Found this a la google:

What’s the difference between a crepe and a blintz?

For most of us, nothing. Blintzes have a Russian derivation and were originally leavened with yeast. Crêpes are French. Both are thin and pancake-like. Usually, they are egg-rich and often sweetened but there are thousands of variations. They are used to make both desserts and main dishes. Blintzes are often refried after filling and folding.

For us, we think of crêpes stacked as pancakes with filling between the layers or rolled into a tube. We think of blintzes as folded into an envelop that encases the filling.
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Cheese blintzes Recipe.

The key for it is the type of cheese. Your choices are...go to a Russian store and buy what is called TVOROG, find somewhere where you can find Bakers's cheese or make your own. If anybody is interested in making your own let me know...i will type in the recipe.

The rest is pretty primitive

All the measurements are very approximate
1lbs of russian cheese (tvorog0
1 egg
sugar to taste
and maybe a 1 or 2 Tbls of flour.

mix it together and put into crepes
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My first MIL made what I think were fantastic blintzes. Here's her recipe which I still use. The crepes can be made ahead and frozen for future use. I've not frozen them after filling because there were never any left. Let me know how you like it if you make it.

CHEESE BLINTZES***** Yield: Makes 20

I have a note to double the recipe

3 Eggs
1 cup Cake flour
1 cup Milk (whole at that time)
2 tsp. Sugar
½ tsp. Table salt

1 Egg
1 lb. Cottage Cheese (large curd)
1 lb. Farmer’s Cheese
8 oz. Cream Cheese
2 tsp. Sugar
2 tsp. cinnamon
¼ cup Raisins (I've also used washed and drained fresh blueberries)

Beat eggs with sugar and salt. Add all the flour and half the milk. Stir then add the rest of the milk. Cook in a 7-inch pan, shaking pan to cover bottom. (Recipe did not say but I use non-stick). Pan should be buttered and hot. Brown on both sides. I would use about 2 TBS of mixture and see if that makes a thick enough blintz leaf. These cam be frozen, but fully defrost before adding filling.

For the Filling: Mix it all together and put a the middle of each leaf and brown.

Author: from Grandma Helen

Recipe Type: Breakfast Foods
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Thanks for recipe - always wanted to make them but had found a source in the

Commissary so usually bought them. - Will let you know on the recipe

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I think its time to make them again.
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Thank you for the recipes. I will have to look for some farmer's cheese or TVOROG.
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Well, I guess blintzes and crepes will have to go on the Easter break menu. I've never made either. Any suggestions for savory varieties would be great. I guess a separate thread for that would be a good idea.
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