Does anyone remember:
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Planked Chicken and Pineapple?? I think it's in issue 28, which I don't have. I think we did a dinner review of it, but do you think I can find the recipe and
I did a search and found we talked about it, but couldn't find a recipe. Please help, I got a pineapple at the market yesterday.
Also any hints on how to tell when they are ripe?
(the pineapple, I mean)
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Here you go, Cis -

That was so good.

I think everyone who loves pineapple has a way of choosing ripe pineapples. I try smelling and/or pushing on the bottom 'belly button' thing, if it gives I assume it's ripe.
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You mean THIS?

For the pineapples:

The two features to watch for when selecting a pineapple are ripeness and deterioration. Ripeness is indicated by a bright yellowgold color on the skin that at the very least should be present on the eyes around the base of the fruit. Though industry literature states that a fully ripe pineapple may be entirely green, ''mature green,'' it is also true that it may not be ripe.

Buying a fully green pineapple is risky. The stem end of the fruit has the highest sugar content and is the ripest portion. The higher up that yellow color goes, the more evenly a pineapple will be flavored. That color, plus a pleasant, mild pineapple aroma at the base are the best guides to ripeness. The surface of the pineapple should be firm and gently yielding to the touch. The ability to pull a leaf from the crown proves nothing about ripeness, despite the enduring popularity of that myth.

Deterioration is marked by a wrinkled skin, a cushiony softness and an aroma of fermentation that suggests vinegar or acetone. An overripe pineapple may be green or a reddish bronze color. Other negative signs are leakage, mold, cracks, gumminess or softness, and brown, withered leaves. All pineapple is sprayed with a fungicide that dries the leaves somewhat, but they should remain fairly green and bright.

(Source: NY Times)
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Now that's some handy info! Thanx Rob
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