Must. Stop. Eating.
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I am able to grab an hour here and there to do some Easter baking and I have to admit that I have really, really rotten willpower! Lemon biscotti yesterday, coconut cherry marshmallows last night, anise Easter egg cookies this morning, almond-coconut pizelles tonight-- they are all sitting in the kitchen calling me and I cannot resist.

Anyone else, or am I all alone??????

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This is why I do not bake anymore. I cannot resist either, especially at night....the worst time. I am such a nice person, I will be right over to help you get rid of that stuff, Vicci.

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I'm making another batch of blood orange sorbet tomorrow. Killer in sugars...and so yummy

I say don't stop eating. Get a smaller spoon This way you can still taste but you'll take smaller spoonfuls.

When I bake cookies I make regular cookies and then I make smaller ones. Those are for me to taste and enjoy.
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I try not to bake unless there's plenty here to eat it and/or take the leftovers home. But, hey, if you're only have one of each, that's not so bad...and you've GOT to sample to make sure they're good before you pass them out...right?
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"I'm making another batch of blood orange sorbet" - oh my, so good!

"make sure they're good" - well of course you do!
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Holidays... I am compelled to bake! I was able to give some to the mail carrier today since she delivered a few packages, and the rest I am taking to my parents' for the weekend. But I still cannot stay away from them (and yes, Theresa, the evenings are the worst!!!)

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