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Sunday Dinner, 8/25/13?? - cjs - 08-25-2013

What's on the menu for everyone today?

We're going to a pizza party and I'm taking an appetizer I made at some time, but didn't add a date to it. (did give it 5 "*" tho. Roasted Peppers with Marinated Feta and Greek Olives.

We're invited to quite a soiree of a dinner party tomorrow evening also - quite the social butterflies all of a sudden.

Re: Sunday Dinner, 8/25/13?? - Mare749 - 08-25-2013

We are having a birthday party for my father-in-law today. So, we will be having grilled NY strip steaks, potato salad, grilled corn and baked beans. The girls are bringing cake and ice cream.

Re: Sunday Dinner, 8/25/13?? - losblanos1 - 08-25-2013

I've got Jean's Beer Brats simmering on the stove right now, and man does it smell good. One hour to go until we can dig in.

Tonight's dinner is a favorite, House Chow Mein with pan fried noodles.

Re: Sunday Dinner, 8/25/13?? - cjs - 08-25-2013

Don't keep me hanging now, Blane - I want to drool over the pix as soon as you take them!

Re: Sunday Dinner, 8/25/13?? - losblanos1 - 08-25-2013

I'll post the pictures as soon as I finish eating and I don't think that it will take too long to scarf these down.

Re: Sunday Dinner, 8/25/13?? - losblanos1 - 08-25-2013

These were delicious! It's a make again for sure.

Jean, I didn't quite know how to plate these so I tried different combos. I hope you find a picture that you can use.

This pic is my favorite.

[Image: Brat_zpse103ee5e.jpg]

[Image: Brat2_zpsce92984e.jpg]

[Image: Brat3_zps8dcdcf01.jpg]

[Image: Brat5_zpsd96e0ac8.jpg]

Re: Sunday Dinner, 8/25/13?? - cjs - 08-25-2013

Wow, great Blane - decisions, decisions.

In pix 1 & 3 what is the condiment that kinda looks like.....I don't know what???

I like #4 very much..... until I know what that condiment is.

Re: Sunday Dinner, 8/25/13?? - losblanos1 - 08-25-2013

Picture #1, with the onions, it is Inglehoffer stone ground mustard.
Picture #3, added ketchup to picture #1.
Picture #4, is the same as picture #3, I just rotated the brat to give it a cleaner/uncluttered look.
Picture #2, Just the brat and onions, no condiments.

Re: Sunday Dinner, 8/25/13?? - karyn - 08-25-2013

Blane, I want all of them...they're making my pizza sound a whole lot less appealing than it did a few minutes ago!

Needless to say, we're having pizza...deep dish, Chicago style, with Italian sausage. Even though I'm pouting, I'm sure we'll enjoy it!

Re: Sunday Dinner, 8/25/13?? - cjs - 08-26-2013

Oh for heaven's sake - grainy mustard??? It almost looks like slices of something. Sorry. Now the picture makes sense to me and I love them all. Thank you so much for doing this.