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Equiping a Travel Trailer/RV - cjs - 11-26-2016

This might turn into a fun thread - I'm always picking up hints and ideas from other travelers, so maybe we can get something going here. Here are my ideas re the grilling situation.

Grills - I've gone thru 4 or 5 over the years and the one I like the best for the trailer is this Weber
[Image: weber_zpsbmw6cebj.jpg]

And here are some examples of how I have jerry-rigged it to be able to cook anything I want on it.
[Image: Aug%2015%20Grill%20Pastrami%20Kraut%20pi...e3em0o.jpg]

This is how I make an indirect heat source – grilling on the grill and then moving the ‘product’ to the rack above. It may look complicated, but it really is not.
[Image: Dec%202%20Grilling_zpsegewyrqz.jpg]

And for doing veggies – I start them on the grill and then move up to a raised rack.
[Image: Sept%2023%20Grilling%20onion%20halves%20...qyojtm.jpg]

RE: Equiping a Travel Trailer/RV - Gourmet_Mom - 11-26-2016

That's the grill I was thinking about!  So it is a Weber!  Thanks Jean!

I'm glad to have the raised rack idea on this thread to look back at.

RE: Equiping a Travel Trailer/RV - cjs - 11-26-2016

Get a coupe of bricks and you'll be surprised how if oten you'll use them!

RE: Equiping a Travel Trailer/RV - Gourmet_Mom - 11-26-2016

Luckily, we have plenty around here.  I have two already scrubbed that I use sometimes for spatchcock chicken.   Big Grin

Shoot!  I just noticed the heavy duty sheet pan.  I have one here, but I need it to stay here until I replace my regular oven.  My half pans won't fit since the oven I'm using now came out of an old camper.  But oddly enough, Andrew said he found the heavy one he found for me came from a dollar store.  On the list!

And since I'm not used to looking for the messages banner, I thought I'd point out that I replied to your PM.  although, I'm aware there was a lot there to digest!  LOL!

RE: Equiping a Travel Trailer/RV - cjs - 11-27-2016

You're going to have fun outfitting your rig! Smile

RE: Equiping a Travel Trailer/RV - Gourmet_Mom - 11-27-2016

Yea, the list keeps getting longer and longer.  I'm trying to prioritize as I go.

One thing I'm thinking of doing for spices is use medicine bottles, unless somebody has a better idea.  Heaven knows I've got plenty around here!

RE: Equiping a Travel Trailer/RV - cjs - 11-27-2016

I'll take some pictures of things Roy has done to the trailer interior for some ideas.

RE: Equiping a Travel Trailer/RV - Gourmet_Mom - 11-27-2016

Thanks, Jean!  And thanks for having Roy call!  We are getting an even better deal than I led him to believe.  That was the out the door price, which is 2 over the actual price of the truck.  I just checked Kelly Blue Book and the price they are giving us is WAY under recommended retail.

I value Roy's advice, and he was talking in my head the whole time we were looking over this thing.  His call today confirmed we are making the right decision.  We are in the camping business now!  We've got this winter to make some short trips, tweak the camper, and rig it out to go.  Then we'll be good to go!

RE: Equiping a Travel Trailer/RV - cjs - 11-27-2016

You bet you'll be ready next spring to go anywhere!! And, we'll meet you wherever. If you get all the way out this direction, Laura and Brad are headed out here too, next spring/summer. How fun that would be.

RE: Equiping a Travel Trailer/RV - Trixxee - 11-29-2016

We had the same Weber Q.   Used it for 10 years, never a problem.  When we sold the RV Tony didn't really like the guy who we sold it to so he didn't even offer the throw the grill in.  It sat in the garage for a couple of months.  Tony did an awesome cleaning job on it - it looked brand new.  I threw it on Craig's List and I had a bidding war on the thing.  I was shocked anyone would want a used grill but they did.  Sold it, with the stand, for $125.  I'd say they hold their resale value.  LOL.