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I'm Home! - bjcotton - 09-07-2008

We had 28 people show up for the family reunion...some family members and some not. We had 6 entries for the Cotton Family Chile Cookoff and Marilee's daughter won. I'll have some pictures for you later. It was a 3 hour trip from my house to the South Beach Park on the coast. I personally went and got me a motel room. There were no sewage hookups and I'd be darned if I was going to run across the street every time I needed the bathroom. Much easier in a motel

Re: I'm Home! - Mare749 - 09-07-2008

Welcome home, Billy! Hope you had a great time. I don't blame you for getting a room. I like my "creature comforts" these days too. Looking forward to your pics.

Re: I'm Home! - Harborwitch - 09-07-2008

Welcome home Sweetie! Now get some rest.

Re: I'm Home! - chef_Tab - 09-07-2008

So glad you had a great time! I would have opted for the hotel too. Were the beans a huge hit? Listen to Sharon and get some rest now!

Re: I'm Home! - farnfam - 09-07-2008

Welcome home Billlyj, glad it was a good time. Are you all "fambileed out" now?

Re: I'm Home! - Old Bay - 09-07-2008

Great to have you home--stay there and out of the hospital!! We want to see you while we're up there!!!

Re: I'm Home! - Gourmet_Mom - 09-07-2008

Glad it was great Billy! I would have gotten a room, too!

Re: I'm Home! - cjs - 09-08-2008

how was the food??

Re: I'm Home! - - 09-08-2008

Glad you are back and had a good family time - so glad that you were feeling wonderful enough to go - now what was the best food there????????

Re: I'm Home! - bjcotton - 09-08-2008

I really didn't eat much of anything there Jean. I was feeling a little delicate. I did taste the chile made by Paula [Fredia's daughter]. She doesn't cook much at all, mostly eats out, but I did have to give it a taste. Surprisingly it was very good. Marilee's daughter won first prize which didn't surprise me since she's a very good cook.

There was plenty of food for everyone, BBQ ribs, chile [of course], the smoked beans which went over very well, plus I made two kinds of cornbread...Tomato and plain. Seems you either really like the Tomato Cornbread or you don't. I was kind of ambivalent about was ok.

Next year there is going to be more rules about the making of the Chile including the most creative name.

So the two events there were the Annual Cotton Family Olympics and the Cotton Family Chile Cookoff.