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OH PEOPLE!!!! - cjs - 12-11-2008

Put this book at the top of your list!!! The Flavor Bible It is wonderful and just takes you so much further than Culinary Artistry does/did. I'm not saying in place of, just in addition to! (if you so desire)

Examples -
dehydrate cookies, grind them up and use this as your starch for more cookies - who'd a thunk it??

I'm only into the "A"s - but what a lot of ideas. I love using multi type apples for sauce and pies, but 'they' mention layering them in the pie -
Galas/golden delicious for sweetness in the middle of the pie - soft Jonathans/McIntoshes on top for their abillity to melt into the others - Braeburns/Granny Smiths on the bottom for their ability to stay firm.

This is such a neat book! (and I sure screwed up madmax and Roy by not saying anything to anyone and just buying it! )

Re: OH PEOPLE!!!! - Old Bay - 12-11-2008

Vulcanized rubber and penicillian were discovered without permission!! Jean, I do this sort of thing all the time!!--How about my fabulous wood burning pizza oven--loved by all that have received from it!!! Don't change--blaze trails!!
I must have that book with or without Jane's knowledge!!

Re: OH PEOPLE!!!! - firechef - 12-12-2008

Jean, are you trying to say you may be sending people BACK to the stores to return Christmas gifts already? They should thank you as they are avoiding the December 26th chaos!!!

I am forbidden from having money in my wallet at this time of year. I am lucky I was allowed in the mall to get my haircut!

Re: OH PEOPLE!!!! - luvnit - 12-12-2008

Please explain more about this 'cookie' thing. Not at all sure what this means.


dehydrate cookies, grind them up and use this as your starch for more cookies

Re: OH PEOPLE!!!! - cjs - 12-12-2008

I'm thinking if you have a dehydrator (or use a very low oven), dehydrate cookies (oatmeal, sugar, etc.) until you can grind them almost as fine as a coarse flour and go from there - that's what I'm going to try anyway.