C@H Chicken Picatta Review
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This is a really good, fast and simple recipe! I was more amazed at how moist the chicken stayed. As I sat there enjoying it I could not even think of one thing I would change or even tweak.

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mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! That looks so good. Now I'm going to crave that.
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What a beautiful dish, Denise. It looks wonderful and yummy, too!

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We love chicken picatta - has C@H offered a number of these recipes? I seem to remember one that we weren't impressed with, but also, another one that we really liked. AND then I also have one from Cooking Light that I've been making for years.

Looks wonderful, Denise.
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This recipe was from the free trial issue you get. I've had this dish many times, but this was a really good dish compared to others I've had.
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That looks wonderful! I'm going to give it a try very soon. Lemon with chicken is one of my favorites.
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Denise, I have a C@H recipe for this that I LOVE! I'll have to compare the one I have stored in MC to the Free Trial version.

What you have there LOOKS very much the same. If so, I agree, it is a VERY good dish, and I make it often....probably too often. When I'm driving home and can't think of anything to make, this is a recipe I go to since I typically have all the ingredients on hand. And talk about fast and easy! I'm usually in and out of the kitchen in under 30 minutes. I serve mine over linguine or angel hair, and I usually start the water to boil before I begin the chicken recipe...LOL!
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I too love this recipe. In fact that recipe from the free issue was what spurred me to subscribe to C@H in the first place. It is one of my all time favorite C&H recipes alongside the Mediterranean Pork Chops and the Meatloaf burgers.
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I, too, love this recipe.

Denise, how did you prepare the zucchini? I just picked 3 large ones (plus 2 yellow squash) from the garden and I like the looks of what's on your plate.

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